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A realtor’s guide when hiring a Drone Remote Pilot in Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend, Granger, Middl

UAS’s or more commonly known as drones have revolutionized a lot industries over the past couple of years. Just to name a few TV, Movies, powerline inspection, home roof inspection, even agriculture. But you are not here for that. You want to know what questions you should ask, and what you should look for when hiring a potential Remote Pilot.

As a professional in the real estate market you want to set yourself apart from the rest. And that is why you are reading this. Since aerial photography and cinematography have became more popular and affordable more recently due to drones, you are thinking that you want to start using a Remote Pilot for certain listings that can make that listing look its best. So what are some of the things you need to look for and questions you need to ask? Well I’m going to make a short list for you to start with.

  1. If someone calls or stops in to drop some information off, ask them for a webpage or Facebook page to look at if one is not provided.

  2. When you look at the footage they are using is it smooth or is it jerky? When you watch either their demo reel or videos they have posted you will start to get an idea of if they have put the time into practicing to make a good product or not. Make sure it doesn’t look like they are just flying around aimlessly as well.

  3. Are they able to move the drone in an horizontal and vertical movement at the same time? While that is a good start they should be able to pan and yaw at the same time as well. Once again, is it smooth or is it jerky? This video will show the horizontal, vertical, panning, and yawing motion all at once. Make sure you hit the settings wheel and set it to the highest quality for your pleasure!

  1. In what they have available for you to view, are they doing a good job showing the property? Are they hitting key features? Are they comfortable enough when flying their drone to get close to the house and get video of a possible deck, or pool, or grand entrance, or whatever that might be on the property? This is my demo reel.

  1. Now, you have watched their videos, and I’m sure you have checked out their photos, what is left? Have they done their work in post production to make the video and photos look like they have life in them? Or are they flat and lifeless. This video shows an unedited video vs. an edited video.

  1. Are they federally licensed and insured? To help keep you safe the FAA has regulations that commercial Remote Pilots must follow. Being insured is not one of them but I wouldn’t go with someone who isn’t insured.

We all know that there will be times when waiting just isn’t an option. You have to have everything ready to go ASAP and the weather just isn’t going to be nice for a few days so you have to get video and photos when it is gloomy out. Yes in post production we can do some work to make things look better but we can only do so much before it just doesn’t look natural.

I hope after reading this you feel more confident in trying to find a Remote Pilot that can help take your listings to the next level. Make sure you do your homework on them, you need to make sure that they have taken the time to learn how to fly the drone correctly, how to get smooth shots, and they also need to be able to edit the footage and make it look good for you. You don’t want someone that is flying around aimlessly trying to figure out what the next shot is.

These are just some items you need to look for when you are screening a Remote Pilot who says they can get drone footage for you to help sell a property. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Wise Drone Media Solutions, LLC. (574)320-7339 We are located in the Michiana area of Northern Indiana. You can check us out on the web at or on the following social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Vimeo @wisedronemedia

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